renouncing csa

We renounce the sin that as done to us.
In otherwise we refuse to internalise it.

or if we have encourage us to reject it

more later

giving the right kind of help without hindering

this is a draft  but

being patient as we thaw out

being supportive

encouraging us to extend ourselves as we are able

to appreciate there are internal barriers amnd we might not know what barriers are there or what they are


understanding our relative, partner, spouce, parent, child, friend who is in recovery

or survival mode

more to come

one point

most survivors do not become predittators

most of us oppose preditators  and want them brought before the courts

most of us are sensitive

we want the best for others

its just that we have iner hinderances to giving out, to sharing, to participating in life.

trusting God

Pastors, Elders, Christian friends

you have a special ministry

if you have faith in Christ

if you depend on His grace

if you release the fifts of ministry He has givem

if you sensitivly apply the scriptures

if you apply the Lord's healing balm

but please  - repentance is for those who sin

its not relevant to those of us who were sined against

a spare the compulsary forgiveness obligation

hey - you don;t forgive those you gossip about

give us a break

we need time ....

to be ready to forgive

"forgivemnes trips"  are the greatest offence to survivors I have observed