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acknowledging the sword of abuse

Throughout my life I had sought help from many people,

When I was 22 I wrote an article
"thanks for the help but something is missing"

many comforted me  
I appreciated their time and effort
but there were no answers

In my late forties the Lord gave me a vision

of me going into a casualty ward at a hospital
the staff washed my wound
cleaned out the puss
but left the impaled piece of wood lodged in my stomache
protuding out
the abrasion would cause further infection

the Lord said the puss was as unforgivenes
the cleansing was being forgiving

but the sword of abuse had not been removed

the fundamental problem wasn't me being unforgiving

it was that the sword of abuse needed to be acknowleged

and then correctly removed by a competitant surgeon

just pullling it out can cause bleeding to death

the severed blood vessels need stiching up

the would will need to be bound up

and the Lord's healing balm applied

maybe a few other things

to put it another way

is the  sword of abuse - the offence of abuse?


but there is a wounding, a violation of the will

a deflement

the impacts and effects of child sexual abuse are many

there are many variables

that's why recovery takes time

it needs to be careful examination
great insight

and more

most importantly trusting the Lord

and accessing the right medical asistance
and appropriate councellors.

and prayer ministry

How Jesus removed the sword of abuse ( offfence )

I was reading Vines (1)  New Testament Word book on meanings of forgiveness 
the relevant one really reached into my heart

and Jesus Christ gave me a revelation of His atonement removing the sword of abuse ...

"secondly. it involves the complete removal of the cause of the offence ...
based upon the vicarious and propitiary   sacrifice of Christ."

Jesus Christ through His atonement, His suffering and death
removed and destroyed the sword of abuse
and He took and destroyed my pain.

Mon 30th January 2012
1.  "A comprehensive Dictionary of the Original Greek words with their precice meanings for English Readers"      W E Vine   MacDonald Publishing Company McLean Virginia USA  ISBN 0-917006-03-8
Page 462

"To bind up
the broken hearted"

Isaiah 61
verse verse 1 b